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Arturs Lapins as a conservation architect works in “Arhitektoniskas izpetes grupa” (Architectural investigation group) Ltd since 1994. Originally he was a building archaeologist, but in 1997 began to design restoration projects. Since then he has worked as practising architect and director of the Project department. Member of the Latvian Association of Architects (LAS) and Latvian Chamber of Crafts (LCC), division of the Built heritage restoration.
The creative works include numerous researches in building archaeology, elaborated and realized projects for conservation, restoration and remodelling of historic buildings and sites of various scopes all over the territory of Latvia. The spectrum of the works includes remodelling of multi storey rent houses, churches, public buildings, including museums, castles and castle ruins. Besides the practical work, the knowledge has been supplemented in international conservation courses in the United States of America, Hungary and Great Britain. Arturs has also reported on and published at international conferences, dedicated to the problematic of historic buildings in Latvia and abroad (Lithuania, Germany, India, Cyprus etc.). In 2016 the PhD studies at Art Academy of Latvia (LMA) have been started. Arturs considers historic heritage as a neverending source of inspiration and enjoys it as the sample of good architecture and craftsmanship.

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